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Happy Pumpkins!
Join Miss Katharine as she shows you how to make a happy pumpkin!


Fall Storytime - Week 6
The last week of our fall storytime is about the creatures who exist only in our imaginations! From yetis & unicorns to Bigfoot & Godzilla, we will read and sing about all the animals we wish were real (whether we’d want to cross their paths is a different story!) See you again after Thanksgiving!
Books we will read:
“Hello, my name is Octicorn” by Kevin Diller
“Rodzilla” by Rob Sanders
“The Boy Who Cried Bigfoot” by Scott Magoon


Fall Storytime - Week 5
It’s Zoo Week at storytime! We’ll get to visit with all kinds of animals introduced in prior weeks, since most of them live at the zoo too! Get ready to swing with the monkeys, roar with the lions, laugh with the hyenas, and more!

Books we will read:
“The Gingerbread Man Loose at the Zoo” by Laura Murray
“Henry Hyena, Why Won’t You Laugh?” by Doug Jantzen
“Oh no, Bobo! You’re in Trouble” by Phil Gosier


Fall Storytime - Week 4
Join us this week for storytime in "the woods" with several forest friends! Even though we may see these creatures more often, that doesn’t make them any less interesting!

Books we will read:
“The Lumberjack’s Beard” by Duncan Beedie
“Little Owl’s Day” by Divya Srinivasan
“Hedgehog Needs a Hug” by Jen Betton


Delicious Apple Craft
Time for another Craft Grab and Go Bag activity! Join Miss Katharine to make A Multicolored Apple Still Life with Paint and Bubble Wrap!


Fall Storytime - Week 3
Last week was some WILD fun, but this week we party down on the farm! We might get some mud on our boots, but there’s nothing like a barnyard bash!
Books we will read:
“Dooby Dooby Moo” by Doreen Cronin
“Cock-a-doodle-doo-bop!” by Michael Ian Black
“The Cow That Laid An Egg” by Andy Cutbill


Bilingual Storytime
Hola Amigos y Amigas! Miss Olga is back with her Bilingual Storytimes for Fall. Que disfrutes!


Fall Storytime - Week 2
We’re getting WILD for this week’s storytime! Journey with us to the jungle as we read & sing about monkeys, elephants, lions, giraffes, and more! Miss Emily even has a special, slithery guest that will be “hanging” out with us today...Books we will read:
“I Am NOT A Chair!” by Ross Burach 
“Where’s My Mom?” by Julia Donaldson 
“What To Do If An Elephant Stands On Your Foot” by Michelle Robinson


Fall Leaf Windsock
It’s time for another Easy Grab and Go Craft! Join Miss Katharine and make your own fall leaf windsock and fly it in the autumn breezes.


Fall Storytime - Week 1
Sink your teeth into our first virtual fall storytime! The theme of our next six week series is...ANIMALS! And to start us off, we celebrate a truly fin-tastic creature: the shark! Books we will read:
“Shark Dog” by Ged Adamson
“Shark vs. Train” by Chris Barton & Tom Lichtenheld
“I’m a Shark” by Bob Shea


Let's Make a Scarecrow!
Fall is coming! Get ready by crafting this adorable scarecrow with Miss Katharine!









Skittles Science!
Let's do some Skittles Science! You'll need a pack of Skittles, a white or clear plate, and a glass of water for this experiment.


Quaran-Teen Talk!
Our latest Quaran-TEEN Talk video is here! Join some of our staff as they chat about what teen-friendly things they've been reading, watching, and listening to this summer.


Craft Stick Harmonicas
This week's STEM Grab and Go Bag was all about MUSIC! Learn how to make a craft stick harmonica with Miss Emily from the Kunkel Creation Station!


Quaran-Teen Talk!
It's been a while, but we're back! Check out our latest episode of Quaran-TEEN Talk!


Craft Stick Catapults!
It's time for a new STEM video! Follow along with this Grab and Go Bag program! This week we're making catapults.


Quaran-Teen Talk!
Join Emily, Emily, Deanne, and Jess for another episode of Quaran-teen Talk!


Virtual Makerspace: Star Wars Day!
Happy Star Wars Day! Celebrate with Miss Emily from the Kunkel Creation Station!


Quaran-Teen Talk!
Join us once more for some Quaran-TEEN Talk where we chat about books we've been reading, our favorite YouTube channels to watch, and more!


Virtual Makerspace Trivia Quiz!
Join Miss Emily from the Kunkel Creation Station for a Weird Nature Quiz from National Geographic!


Virtual Makerspace: Canva
Join our Teen Programmer/STEM Coordinator Emily McQuiggan to learn about Canva! In the makerspace we use Canva to create digital designs for our button maker, but you can use it for much more.


Virtual Makerspace: Using Scratch
Join Emily McQuiggan from the Kunkel Creation Station to learn about one of our favorite coding websites--Scratch!


Quaran-TEEN Talk
Join us for quaran-TEEN talk! Our Teen Programmer along with other familiar faces around the Fredricksen Teen area chat about what they've been reading, watching, and listening to during the pandemic. Some topics include Hamilton Sing Alongs, Animal Crossing, and watching live cams from local zoos and animal rescues!

emily stem

Cat and Dog Trivia
Are you a cat person or a dog person? 
For some cat and dog trivia watch our 
latest STEM video.


3D Printing with Tinkercad
Do you miss coming in to the Kunkel Creation Station for the Adventures in 3D Printing class? You can practice at home! Watch Miss Emily show you how to use Tinkercad for free!

Space Trivia from the KCS!
Join Miss Emily for some trivia questions
about outer space! What is a black hole?
Why is the sky blue? We have the answers
here! All our trivia came from:
If you want to know when you can see
the International Space Station from
your house,click here: 
To watch real astronauts on the
ISS read stories to you, click here:
the Kunkel Creation Station!
Learn about roller coaster
engineering and the engineering
design process with Miss Emily
(STEM-EM!) from the Fredricksen
Library! Use materials around your
home to create a roller coaster for
a marble, ping pong ball, or other
small balls you can find. 
Stay Home Bingo! 
It's time to play Stay Home Bingo!
Here are two slightly different versions
of our bingo card. Take a screen shot,
and post your card in the comments
below. How many times did you get
Website Tour for Teens!
Our website has a ton to offer! Join
us on a website tour of the best
resources for teenagers.
Dinosaur Trivia with Miss Emily!
Join Miss Emily from the Kunkel
Creation Station at the Fredricksen
Library for some dinosaur trivia! After
a trivia quiz, she shares some library
resources to help you learn more
about dinosaurs. 
from the Kunkel Creation Station
Play along at home with bird trivia!
Miss Emily from the Kunkel Creation
Station at the Fredricksen Library
shares bird trivia.
Keep track of birds you see out of
your window using a paper journal,
To get help identifying the birds you
see go to
All of our bird trivia today was found


Identify some of our backyard
bird-friends by their calls
& songs! 



Miss Emily from the Kunkel Creation
Station wants to see what animal trivia
you know! Watch the video and
comment below with your animal
All of our trivia was found at 
Watch animal videos and do a virtual
zoo visit at
And of course visit our website for
access to all of our digital resources!