POSTPONED TO LATER DATE - The Roaring Twenties: When America Went Wild

7 pm - 8:30 pm in the Ruggaber Community Room, Lower Level
One hundred years ago, the U.S. embarked on one of the wildest decades in its history: the “Roaring Twenties”. Buoyed by a booming economy, American society pushed the boundaries of freedom, morality, and artistic expression. Join local historian, John Maietta, as he highlights the most famous fads and foibles of this colorful era, from psychoanalysis to bathtub gin. We’ll also look at some of the defining personalities of the 1920s – among them, Al Capone and Charles Lindbergh; Rudolph Valentino and Babe Ruth; and finally, the hapless Herbert Hoover, presiding over the stock market crash that ended the party in 1929. No registration needed.

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