2023 Teens Create Contest

Our Annual Teens Create Contest gives teens a chance to display their incredible creative skills to inspire our community. Submissions were accepted in 5 categories: Short Story, Poetry, Painting/ Illustration, Digitally Created Art and Photography. All submissions are on view in the upper level vestibule at the library.


Short Story Winners

1st Place - Priya S

2nd Place - Vera K

3rd Place - Tyler D

Poetry Winners

1st Place -  Claudia L

2nd Place - Kai T

3rd Place - Zoe M

Digital Art

1st Place - Pranav B

2nd Place - Lana H

3rd Place - Lolo H

Painting & Illustration

1st Place - Alissa R

2nd Place - Lana H

3rd Place - Kitty H


1st Place - Noelle B

2nd Place - Roman T

3rd Place - Zoe M

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August 28, 2023