Teens Teach Technology

woman typing on computerThe program is geared towards older adults and seniors and focuses on how to stay safe online. This webinar takes place through GoToMeeting.
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Being safe and secure while browsing online is crucial! With the sudden appearance of the pandemic, staying connected has become incredibly important and much more difficult. Thankfully, our technology has stepped up to the plate to provide that connection. But for older adults who are less familiar or less comfortable with internet browsing, being online more can be dangerous. This program is specifically geared towards older adults who are less comfortable with technology, though anyone can benefit, and is designed to give them all the information they need to stay safe online.

This webinar will cover identifying and avoiding internet viruses, securing personal information, identifying and avoiding scam emails and phone calls, common phone scams, and what to do if you have been scammed. The family communication portion will walk users through Facetime, Skype, and Tapestry. 

Course Schedule:
April 3: Avoid Viruses on the Internet
April 10: Scam eMails
April 17: Scam Calls
April 24 (Bonus Class): Family Communication

This program is presented by the Teens Teach Technology Youth Organization who help older adults who may struggle with technology. They have partnered with 34 facilities and have more than 120 volunteers working to make technology accessible.



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