Name A Day

Sponsor a day of library service to support your love of learning and fun while honoring someone’s birthday, anniversary or another special day.  Just select your choice of days from the calendar and complete the online application with your gift of $100.00.  Or, if the particular day doesn’t matter, let us select one for you.  Keep in mind that once a day is taken, it is no longer available for sponsorship.

Once approved, yours or your loved one’s name will appear on the home page of the Bosler Library website, on the library’s three on-site TV monitors, on a FaceBook post, on signage inside the library, and on bookmarks handed out to patrons on your special day.

Every day Bosler Memorial Library serves more than 800 people on site (plus many more via our web site and various Internet services).  Just think of how your investment of $100.00 can make a difference to so many people!

If you are an active Friends of Bosler member (you have joined the Friends of Bosler at a minimum level of $25.00 in the last 12 months), you can Name a Day at the Friends discounted level of just $75.00!  To join the Friends of Bosler, visit .

To reserve a date to honor your loved one, please fill out the information below. Please note that we will need at least 7 days advance notice to process your request.

Questions: Contact Molly Shane, Development Officer, at or (717) 243-4642, ext. 3222




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January 09, 2020