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Lifelong learning includes formal schooling and a variety of other enrichment activities. Whether you're a student, a graduate, a job seeker or a curious person by nature, the library can help you learn as you go.



Interested in learning a new language or brushing up on your second language skills? We have books and CDs to assist with learning a new language from basic to advanced levels. We have review texts and materials written in many languages including French, German and Spanish. Our collection also includes a number of books and CDs for learning English as a second language. The Learning Express computer resource can help you practice English language skills and study for the TOEFL exam.



If you are currently enrolled in school, we can suggest resources for your assignments and assist in developing search strategies for research assignments. Take your search well beyond Google and a simple internet query. If the materials you are seeking aren't here, we can help you obtain them from other libraries via interlibrary loan. Study rooms are available for group projects, tutoring sessions, or quiet study. We offer exam proctoring for students taking online courses. We have a collection of printed materials for standardized test practice, college search, and financial aid assistance. In addition we can recommend online resources and assist in locating programs and schools of higher education. The Learning Express computer resource is available to help you study for the GED and prepare for college entrance exams.



Our staff is available to make referrals to professional and occupational associations interested in assisting individuals develop career skills. We can help you locate online courses or tutorials for career development. You can keep abreast of developments in your field via full-text journals in our online databases. The Learning Express computer resource can also serve as a resource to help study for and practice occupational exams.



What are you curious about? We can assist with finding online tutorials or videos on a variety of topics. Our Great Courses collection includes a wide range of topics such as religion, history, art, and music. We have how-to books and DVDs to help you learn or improve skills in areas such as car repair, home improvement, nutrition, exercise, sewing, furniture repair, cooking and more. In addition we can help you locate information on tackling life's challenges such as divorce, custody, estate planning, bankruptcy, addiction, and disease.





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July 29, 2016

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