Information Services: Advancing Employment and Entrepreneurship

Name A Day at the Bosler Memorial Library

Are you interested in finding a new job or starting a new business? The library can be your jumping off point for career advancement.



Information Services is the place to start your job search. Use our computers to conduct an online job search, submit online applications, and correspond via email with potential employers. We can assist with using word processing to write resumes and cover letters. You can print copies of these documents in the library. Online resources include Indeed, an online listing of job openings which is a component of the Reference USA database. We can also assist you with finding books to aid in conducting your job search, writing resumes and cover letters, and attending interviews.



If you are considering starting a business, we have a variety of resources for you. We have legal guides covering topics such as licensing, regulations and laws. We can help you locate information on specific business types like daycare, catering, cleaning and crafts. Materials are also available for developing an online business. Working online, you'll be able to access the Reference USA database to assist you with components of a marketing plan such as collecting demographic information and identifying potential competitors.



Once you get your business off the ground, we can help with day to day practices and advancing your efforts. You can keep abreast of new trends with business resources such as Wall Street Journal, Barron's, Central Penn Business Journal, Bloomsburg Business Week, and Forbes. We can help you access reading on accounting practices, tax information for business owners, leadership, employee management, developing and maintaining customer service, and using social media to promote your business.





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July 29, 2016

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