Cumberland County Law Library

Bosler Data Den

Bosler Memorial Library is the new home to the Cumberland County Law Library.


What does this mean to you? Well, who doesn't have a legal question occasionally?


The Law Library is here for both the legal community and the average citizen. In addition to the many volumes of State, County, and Local legal materials, we have the following services available right now:


Bosler's "Layman's Law" Library

This is a special collection of books on legal topics written in plain, easy-to-understand language. This is the place to start if you want general information and direction on how to pursue a legal matter. A few of the many topics included are Legal Terminology, Workplace Rights, Living Wills, Bankruptcy, Copyright Law, Immigration, and laws governing Non-Profit Organizations.



WestLawNext is a comprehensive legal research tool available online from any library internet computer. Would you like to look up public records, state and federal statutes, or legal terminology? Want to study Worker's Compensation laws, or understand your voter's rights? What are Pennsylvania's regulations in relation to drilling and mining? Do you need a legal form to draw up a lease or agreement? WestLawNext is a very powerful tool for these topics and much, much more.



Questions about the Cumberland County Law Library, "Layman's Law" Library, or WestLawNext should be directed to Information Services at 717-243-4642 ext. 2237 or





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September 28, 2015

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