Read To Dogs

Read to DogsReading to a friendly dog allows children to practice their reading skills in a comforting environment to build their confidence. Held Tuesdays in the library lower level. Register for a 15-minute time slot: 4:30 pm, 4:50 pm and 5:10 pm. For children up to age 12. Register at

   4:30 - 4:45 pm
   4:50 - 5:05 pm
   5:10 - 5:25 pm

Dogs used for this event are supervised by experienced service dog trainers/owners.

Learning to read isn't always easy. Reading to dogs can help!
•    Reading aloud can feel daunting to some children, so reading to a dog who doesn't judge them is comforting and a great way to practice.
•    Reading to dogs is a fun experience so children look forward to practicing reading rather than thinking of it as a solitary exercise.
•    Reading to a dog and petting dogs relieves stress and helps to calm nervous readers.

Questions? Feel free to call the library at (717) 486-3688 or email

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