2nd Edition Sesquicentennial Booklet

Sesquicentennial BookletThe second edition of the Mt. Holly Springs 150-Year Celebration Booklet will be printed in late summer or fall. Click here to place your free order online. Or, you may complete a printed order form at the Amelia Givin Library. Those who order will be contacted when the booklets are available to pick up.

The free first-edition Mt. Holly Springs 150-Year Celebration booklet was published by the Sesquicentennial Book Committee of Mt. Holly Springs Parks and Recreation.

The second-edition booklet is also free thanks to very generous community donations. The Mt. Holly Springs Sesquicentennial Committee will distribute one second-edition booklet per family to anyone who lives, works, learns or plays in Mount Holly Springs.

The 2nd edition book will include almost all of the 1st edition book content and additional content.

The MHS Sesquicentennial Book Committee (Brian Robertson, Fred Burgess, Pam Still, Matthew March, and Jim Burgess) expects to distribute this book sometime this summer or fall.

Paper order forms are available at the Borough office or the Amelia Givin Library. Return paper order forms to the library.
To order electronically, click this link.