2022 One Book, Your Vote

Are You Reading This Year's Book?One Book One Community organizers are once again asking the public to vote for next year’s One Book, One Community (OBOC) book selection! The public vote initiative is a way to promote community involvement in the selection of the title, rather than handing over a single title each year. This year there will be four titles on the ballot. The 2022 OBOC regional campaign represents collaboration between 40 libraries and community partners in four counties: Cumberland, Dauphin, Perry and York.

How the voting works…

From a ballot with four book titles that made the final grade by the Book Selection committee, the public is asked to pick one of the books that they would be interested in reading and discussing in 2022. To vote, readers will go to www.oboc.org to access an online ballot. For those who wish to fill out a paper ballot, go to participating libraries to cast the vote.

One Book, Your Vote for the One Book 2022 title will take place October 1-31, 2021. The winner will be announced to the public in December 2021. Reading of the One Book title will begin in January, and programs at public libraries will begin in February,. Multiple copies of the winning title will be available at your local participating library beginning in January 2022.

One Book, Your Vote

The Life We Bury - Book JacketThe Life We Bury by Allen Eskens

Joe Talbert had avoided doing his college English class assignment until it was almost too late. Interviewing an old person about his life didn’t sound all that interesting. Who cared? He had enough trouble dealing with his own life and family issues. Like his alcoholic, bi-polar mother and his autistic brother, Jeremy. But when Joe decides to interview a Vietnam vet convicted of a murder 30 years ago who was living in a nearby nursing home, he thinks maybe it won’t be so boring after all.

Miracle Creek by Angie Kim - Book JacketMiracle Creek by Angie Kim

This murder mystery takes place in a small town in Virginia where a group of patients meet at a controversial medical center offering treatment in a hyperbaric chamber that some say can cure a wide range of health issues including autism, cerebral palsy, and infertility. An immigrant couple from North Korea has opened the center in hopes of making a new life in American and providing a brighter future for their daughter. One night the oxygen chamber explodes. Two people die in the accident including one child and others are left scarred and severely injured. The mother of the child who died is accused and put on trial for setting the fire that caused the explosion.

Twists and turns in this fast-paced mystery immediately engage the reader to identify who set the fire and why. The timeline shifts from dramatic courtroom scenes to narratives revealing the many secrets that brought the diverse set of patients together to the chamber in their desperate search of hope. To the very last page the reader is left unraveling emotions and motives that could drive a person to commit such a crime.

Vote for your 2022 choice from October 1-31
online at www.oboc.org or at your participating
library in Cumberland, Dauphin, Perry, and York counties.


The Other Madisons - Book JacketThe Other Madisons: The Lost History of a President's Black Family by Bettye Kearse

For generations, the author’s family had been griottes, the keepers of the family’s history both physically and orally. One day her mother shows up with a small box and tells her it is time that she takes her place in the long journey her family has taken. Where will this small box take her? Her mother always told her to “Remember that you are a Madison. You come from African slaves and a president”. This is the author’s story of her detective journey to trace her ancestry through the corridors of history to a president and a slave woman from West Africa.

They Called Us Enemy - Book JacketThey Called Us Enemy by George Takei

Yes, that George Takei that most people know as the actor in the Star Trek television series. This graphic book format tells the story of George Takei’s family as they are ordered from their home to a Japanese Internment camp in Arkansas. The story follows the family, George is a child, as they try to have a life inside the camp as well as life after the Takeis have returned to civilian life. They Called Us Enemy examines themes of racism, xenophobia, loyalty, patriotism. family, and more. A fresh look at history that many do not get a chance to see.

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