Manage Requested Items

Requests on your library account

All items you request from our library catalog can be managed at the library or 24 hours a day using our online catalog.  

Our Automated Telephone Circulation System is temporarily offline.


Suspend a Request

If you want to avoid having requested items arrive during a time when you are on vacation, out of town, or otherwise unable to pick up items, you can suspend the requests until the date that you will be available. Currently, you can only suspend a request by contacting your local library. We hope it won't be long until you can do this by logging into your account online.

You can also cancel the suspension if you become available to pick the item up earlier than expected.


Cancel a Request

To cancel an item you previously requested, log into your account online and viewing your Hold list.

Click the checkbox next to the item(s) you wish to cancel. Then click on the Update List button. You will get a confirmation that your hold items are being cancelled / updated. Answer Yes, and the item(s) will be removed from your Hold list.




Page Updated: 

January 27, 2014

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