New Arrivals

New Children's

cover imageHirsch, Alex, 1985- author.
cover imageLanger, Dana, author.
cover imageLewis, Gill, author.
cover imagePark, Linda Sue, author.


New Teen Books

cover imageRubin, Lance, 1981- author.
cover imageZarr, Sara, author.
cover imageShowalter, Gena, author.
cover imageMaberry, Jonathan, author.


New Graphic Novels

cover imageAaron, Jason, author.
cover imageAaron, Jason, author.
cover imageAaron, Jason, author.
cover imageLemire, Jeff, author, artist.


New Mystery

cover imageArcher, Winnie, author.
cover imageRosett, Sara, author, author.
cover imageHaywood, B. B., author.
cover imageDay, Maddie, author.


New Audiobooks

cover imageStevens, Chevy, author.

Never let you go
cover imageSheinkin, Steve, author.

Undefeated :
cover imageBeasley, Kate, author.

Gertie's leap to greatness
cover imageLin, Grace, author.

When the sea turned to silver

New Cooking

cover imageGood, Phyllis Pellman, 1948- author.
cover imageWilson, Joy, 1981- author.
cover imagePurviance, Jamie, author.
cover imageWolf, Robb, author.


New Non-Fiction

New Science & Technology

cover imageBoothroyd, Jennifer, 1972- author.
cover imageWeil, Andrew, author.
cover imageSmith, Ian K., author.


New Sports

cover imageReeder, Lydia, author.
cover imageO'Neil, Dana, author.
cover imageForsthoefel, Andrew, author.
cover imageDavis, Jennifer Pharr, author.


New Religious Fiction

cover imageTurano, Jen, author.
cover imageWarren, Susan May, 1966- author.
cover imageBlackstock, Terri, 1957- author.
cover imageChapman, Vannetta, author.


New Gardening

cover imageSlatalla, Michelle, author.
cover imageOstman, Ronald Elroy, author.
cover imageBills, Jan Coppola, author.
cover imageAtkinson, Caitlin, author.


Titles donated by G. B. Stuart Charitable Foundation

cover imageFluke, Joanne, 1943- author.
cover imageDePoy, Phillip, author.
cover imageHarris, Robert, 1957- author.
cover imageChilds, Laura, author.


New Fantasy

cover imageVann, David, author.
cover imageSummerill, Erin, 1978- author.
cover imageBusse, Morgan L., author.
cover imageBusse, Morgan L., author.


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New Horror

cover imageReid, Iain, 1981-
cover imageOlde Heuvelt, Thomas, 1983- author.
cover imageHendrix, Grady, author.
cover imageWells, Dan, 1977- author.


New Science Fiction

cover imageNuttall, Christopher, 1982- author.
cover imageNuttall, Christopher, 1982-, author.
cover imagePatterson, James, 1947- author.
cover imageBotelho, Richard, author.