New Arrivals

New Children's

cover imageMason, Jenny (Children's author), author.
cover imageMason, Jenny (Children's author), author.
cover imageStefoff, Rebecca, 1951- author.
cover imageMattern, Joanne, 1963- author.


New Teen Books

cover imageGolden, Christopher, author.
cover imageFawcett, Heather (Heather M.), author.
cover imagePurcell, Kim, author.
cover imageCarmack, Cora, author.


New Graphic Novels

cover imageHigashimura, Akiko, author, artist.
cover imageHigashimura, Akiko, author, artist.
cover imageHigashimura, Akiko, author, artist.
cover imageZabus, Vincent, 1971- author.


New Mystery

cover imageRobb, J. D., 1950- author.
cover imageGreen, Simon R., 1955- author.
cover imageHarris, Sherry (Mystery writer), author.
cover imageHarper, Jane (Jane Elizabeth), author.


New Romance

cover imageCollins, Manda, author.


New Audiobooks

cover imageGearon, Eamonn, lecturer.

Turning points in Middle Eastern history
cover imageRice, Christopher, 1978- author.

Bone music
cover imageBell, Ted, author.

cover imageTada, Joni Eareckson, author, narrator.

When is it right to die? :

New Cooking

cover imageSaulsbury, Camilla V., author.
cover imageHeaton, Patricia, 1958- author.
cover imageHuang, Ching-He, author.
cover imageAli, Laila, author.


New Non-Fiction

cover imageDe Laurentiis, Giada, author.
cover imageÅsbrink, Elisabeth, author.
cover imageMorris, Martha Clare, author.
cover imageHutchinson, Alex, author.


New Science & Technology

cover imageGomez, Gustavo J., author.
cover imageHari, Johann, author.
cover imageJacqueline, Ilana, author.
cover imageAllen, Laura, 1976- author.


New Sports

cover imageKovacs, Mark, author.
cover imageMehler, Mark (Journalist), author.
cover imageRoberts, David, 1943- author.
cover imageContz, Bill, 1961- author.


New Religious Fiction

cover imageAndrews, Mesu, 1963- author.
cover imageBlackstock, Terri, 1957- author.
cover imageSlattery, Jennifer, 1974- author.
cover imageMiller, Emma, author.


New Gardening

cover imageGenoways, Ted, author.
cover imagePripps, Robert N., 1932- author.
cover imageSchwartz, Bobbie, author.
cover imageMichener, David, author.


Titles donated by G. B. Stuart Charitable Foundation

cover imageGregson, J. M., author.
cover imageO'Connell, Carol, 1947- author.
cover imageDams, Jeanne M., author.
cover imageGriffin, W. E. B, author.


New Fantasy

cover imageLevenseller, Tricia, author.
cover imageFawcett, Heather (Heather M.), author.
cover imageCarmack, Cora, author.
cover imageCoulthurst, Audrey, author.


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New Horror

cover imageMoody, David, 1970- author.
cover imageBaptiste, Tracey.
cover imageMalerman, Josh, author.
cover imageKing, Stephen, 1947- author.


New Science Fiction

cover imageReynolds, Alastair, 1966- author.
cover imageGoss, James, author.
cover imagePalmer, Ada, author.
cover imageClines, Peter, 1969- author.