Today's Events

Event Time Library
Block Parties @ Fredricksen! 9:30 am Fredricksen
Winter Story times for Two's 9:30 am Fredricksen
2's & 3's Opt 1 Storytime 10:00 am Amelia Givin
Adult Winter Reading Program 10:00 am New Cumberland
Winter Story times for Two's 10:15 am Fredricksen
Kindergarten Preparedness Program 10:15 am New Cumberland
Story Time 10:15 am Simpson
Drop-In Weekly Wednesday Story Times 11:00 am East Pennsboro
Winter Story times for Three's 11:00 am Fredricksen
Weekly Toddlertime 1 11:15 am Shippensburg
Bosler Library - Late Opening 12:00 pm Bosler
Craft Afternoon 3:00 pm New Cumberland
Preschool Storytime 6:00 pm Bosler
Gerrymandering 6:30 pm Bosler
Hamiltunes After Hours! 6:30 pm Fredricksen
Board of Trustees Meeting 7:00 pm John Graham
Writer’s Workshop 7:00 pm Simpson

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