The Summer Learning Challenge at Bosler Memorial Library

2018 Summer Learning Challenge -- Libraries ROCK! -- June 1 through August 12, 2018











The Summer Learning Challenge at Bosler Memorial Library is open to children, teens, and adults.  At any age and any stage, reading is an essential part of a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life. As children, reading is the most significant skill that can be developed for lifelong success.  As adults, reading alleviates stress and models for children the fun and value of reading as part of your daily life. As seniors, reading is a valuable way to keep your mind sharp.  Summer reading is not only a part of the year-round reading experience for many, but for children it is of critical importance.



During the summer months children lose up to two months of learning from the previous school year.  Reading during the summer months is the most effective way for children to avoid suffering from what researchers call the "summer slide" and library summer learning clubs are a free and fun way to ensure that children experience quality reading and programming opportunities.


The Summer Learning Challenge is open to everyone.  All programs are free of charge; however, donations are accepted to support The Summer Learning Challenge.







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November 27, 2017

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