Masterpiece Mondays at Carlisle's Bosler Memorial Library: Allison Dougherty

On Monday night, I covered a Camp Hill School Board meeting for PennLive. After the meeting, I drove home, took out the dog, wrote my article about the meeting and posted the article. Fascinated so far?

Did I go to bed after I posted my article, which is what I probably should have done considering I expect to have at least three roughly 15 hour workdays this week? Nope, I didn’t go to bed.

Did I stay up to get some work done? Did I straighten the bathroom? Did I at least make a perfunctory pass at taking down the Christmas tree?

The Christmas tree, by the way, is about one weekend away from becoming a total embarrassment, as opposed to an I-have-been-crazy-busy quirk.

I’ve reached the point where I don’t plug it in, so I can pretend it’s not there. It’s harder to see without the lights. It’s actually incredibly easy to see, lights or no lights. I don’t turn on the lights so the neighbors won’t notice.

Really, I’ve been crazy busy.

Nevertheless, I did none of those things. So, what did I do? Well, at 10:45 p.m. on Monday I baked cookies, so I’d have them when I watched Downton Abbey at 11:15 p.m. Millions of things to do and I’m baking cookies and watching television. I love Downton Abbey.

I don’t have television, so I have to watch Downton Abbey on my computer when it becomes available online on Monday, which kills me. I spent all day Monday waving my hands at people and saying, “No, no, don’t tell me. Don’t tell me.”

As an aside, I actually have a television, but it’s an analog television with balls of aluminum foil on its antenna, which used to bring in a watchable signal, sort of, until signals went digital. What I don’t have is cable, or a television that works, or a way to watch Downton Abbey on Sunday.

But, I digress. On Sunday evening, after watching on my computer all the previews for the show I couldn’t watch with the rest of the United States, I buzzed around the Internet looking for something to write about this week. I found the neatest thing. Finding it was kismet.

At 2:00 p.m. on Monday afternoons through April, the Bosler Memorial Library in Carlisle will show a certain Masterpiece Theater Edwardian-era television series. Two episodes per week beginning on January 6, from the first episode of season one through the very last episode of season four, which will be shown in April. The event is called Masterpiece Mondays.

They will serve tea.

Because of the library’s public performance license, they can’t release the name of television series outside the library. But, I know you can guess. The show features a big house in the English countryside, lots of pretty hats and dresses and I watch it on my computer on Monday nights because I only marginally have television at my house.

Cate Mellen, Bosler’s coordinator of adult programming and community relations, said the series is one of the most popular DVDs in the library’s circulation, which is one of the reasons for the showings. You’ve missed the first few of the first season, but there’s lots more to watch through April at Bosler.

The library’s press release for the event says you should feel free to bring your own biscuits to have with the tea that is served. That's British for cookie, is it not? You have to have cookies.

For more information about Masterpiece Mondays at the Bosler Memorial Library, see the library’s web site at

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