Book Nook host alternative event

While a smaller-than-usual assembly of revelers welcomed the New Year at the anchor drop in Shippensburg’s square, smaller groups gathered to celebrate in different styles in alternative locations.

At the Shippensburg Public Library’s Book Nook, book-loving supporters of the library mission began filtering into the cozy Book Nook about 9 p.m. to sip a glass of wine and savor snacks – including warm mouth-watering water chestnuts wrapped in bacon and bathed in barbecue sauce.

About 25 book lovers – members of Friends of the Library – gathered in a New Year’s Eve ritual that developed a half dozen years ago in the used bookstore adjacent to the library.

Bev Florig was a founder of the Book Nook concept that transformed a three-car garage at the rear of what was once home to the Shippensburg Chamber of Commerce into a haven for readers in the market for a variety of books at rock bottom prices.

Florig says she never doubted that the Book Nook would succeed in raising money to benefit library programs.

“It’s doing wonderfully,” she said. “I thought from the beginning that it would succeed, but others didn’t.”

Florig says the Book Nook started out in the musty environs of the library basement. She says she nagged library directors to buy the chamber of commerce building when the chamber departed.

The operation now uses both levels of the building, with Angela Sachleben selling more valuable publications on Amazon from the second floor. She says the operation has raised $15,000 for the library in the past three years.

Bill Ferris says many of the Book Nook group gravitated to the Anchor Drop at midnight, while “others just walked out front and watched from the street.”

Ferris says the Book Nook gathering as a natural fit.

“We’re all readers,” he says, “We like books and we love the library.”

His wife, Kerri, quipped, “We’re all friends and we have no where else to go.”


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