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Simpson Signature Selections

Simpson Signature SelectionsWill you support us this year in our quest to provide a multitude of new materials to the more than 750 people who visit our library every day?


Books remain in great demand and we have increased our Simpson Signature Selections campaign goal this year to $12,000. This campaign enables us to purchase new books media for children, teens, and adults on a wide variety of topics.


Listed below are items we want to add to our collection this year. Your financial support enables us to purchase materials for patrons of all ages to meet their educational and recreational needs.


Please help us expand our collection with a tax-deductible donation to the Simpson Signature Selections fundraising campaign.


What sparks your interest? What will you fund for us through your tax-deductible contribution?  What materials would you enjoy having available for your reading pleasure?


A wide variety of topics are available for your consideration. A bookplate is placed in each item recognizing the name of the donor. This is a great opportunity to demonstrate support of your library. Gifts can also be made in honor of or in memory of a friend or family member.


Thank you for your support as we continue providing library services to our community of avid readers.



1. $_____ to use where needed most



2. $60 for Online Health and Safety: From Cyberbullying to Internet Addiction

3. $100 for one of three volumes of Mental Health and Mental Disorders: An Encyclopedia of Conditions, Treatments, and Well-Being



4. $150 for ten music CDs

5. $200 for five books on CD

6. $100 for four general interest DVDs

7. $125 for five novels

8. $125 for five large print books

9. $100 for four biographies

10. $100 for four history books

11. $100 for four cookbooks

12. $100 for four travel books

13. $100 for four home and garden books

14. $100 for four health books

15. $100 for four hobbies and crafts books



16. $150 for ten children’s books

17. $150 for ten books for teens

18. $35 for one of eight volumes of STEM Jobs You’ll Love, featuring jobs in sports, music, movies, and more

19. $35 for one of eight volumes of STEM Everyday, which guides students to apply math skills to solve everyday questions

20. $25 for one of ten volumes of Inside Outer Space, covering comets, planets, stars, and more

21. $25 for one of 12 volumes of My Science Library K-1, featuring books on plants, machines, science tools, and more

22. $30 for one of three volumes in the Let’s Talk About Pets series, providing information on choosing a pet and being a great pet owner

23. $25 for one of six volumes of Healthy Habits - Sing and Read, providing hands-on activities and reading to songs

24. $25 for one of six volumes in the What’s in a ...? series, where kids use clues to guess what is found in caves, logs, shells, and more

25. $25 for one of 34 volumes in the Little World Math series, which uses real world examples to enhance math skills

26. $25 for one of eight volumes of Biomes, featuring information on oceans, tundras, deserts, and more

27. $30 for one of six volumes in the Simple Machines series, which features levers, pulleys, wedges, wheels, and more

28. $30 for one of eight volumes of Dog Applause to learn about the most popular breeds of dogs

29. $25 for one of ten volumes of Little World Social Skills, where kids can learn more about honesty, integrity, sharing, and more

30. $30 for one of ten volumes of Social Skills, where kids can learn more about social media, bullies, teamwork, and more

31. $30 for one of ten volumes in the Art and Music series, featuring the history of art movements and music genres

32. $25 for one of five volumes in the Sports for Sprouts series, providing an introduction on individual and team sports

33. $30 for one of ten volumes in the Fun Sports for Fitness series, providing an introduction on individual and team sports

34. $40 for one of five volumes of Privacy in the Online World, providing a historical perspective on privacy rights and concerns

35. $40 for one of five volumes of Cell Phones and Society, examining how these devices have benefitted and complicated modern life

36. $30 for one of six volumes of Media Literacy, a guide to the opportunites and potential pittfalls of online journalism

37. $40 for one of six volumes of The Biotechnology Revolution, which looks at bioengineering, cloning, genetically modified crops, and more

38. $35 for one of eight volumes of Careers in Your Community, focusing on careers in teaching, law enforcement, mechanics, plumbing, and more

39. $35 for one of six volumes of Preparing for Tomorrow’s Careers, which features cutting edge careers in artificial intelligence, internet security, robotics, and more



Page Updated: 

March 11, 2016

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