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Kids' Corner

Dr. Seuss's Birthday

March 2014


November 2013

13 American artist children should know

13 American artists

children should know

Brad Finger

My name is Georgia

My name is Georgia

Jeanette Winter

The clay ladies

The clay ladies

Michael Bedard

Grandma Moses

Grandma Moses

Tom Biracree



November 2013

Johann Sebastian  Back

Johann Sebastian Bach

Carol Greene

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley

Wilborn Hampton

Lives of the Musicians

Lives of the musicians

Kathleen Krull

A day in the life of a musician

A day in the life of a musician

Linda Hayward


Down Under

October 2013

Look what came from Australia

Kevin Davis


Allan Fowler

Jimmy the joey

Deborah Lee Rose

Survival at 120 above

Debbie S. Miller



October 2013

Ice Cream

July 2013


Savor these sweet stories:

Ice cream: the full scoop by Gail Gibbons

The ice cream mystery by Gertrude Chandler Warner

Thomas Jefferson's feast by Frank Murphy

The ice cream scoop by Carolyn Keene



July 2013


Check out these great stories:

The fireworkmaker's daughter by Philip Pullman

Fourth of July fireworks by Patrick Merrick

Fireworks: where's the science? by Vicki Cobb

Around the World

June 2013

Around the world

Discover the difference and explore how things can be the same in different place in the world.

Dreams: around the world by Takashi Owaki

What's for lunch?: how schoolchildren eat around the world by Andrea Curtis

Off to class: incredible and unusual schools around the world by Susan Hughes

Countries around the world series


Father's Day

June 2013

Father's Day

Celebrate Dad with these great books about Father's Day:

The night before Father's Day by Natasha Wing

It's Father's Day, Charlie Brown!

Father's Day crafts by Fay Robinson

Mount Everest

May 2013

Mount Everest

On May 29, 1953 Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay became the first explorers to reach the summit of Mount Everest.

Mount Everest by Nancy Dickmann

The highest mountain by Kris Hirschmann

The top of the world: climbing Mount Everest by Steve Jenkins

Celebrate Mom

May 2013

Celebrate Mother's Day

Check out these great books about Mother's Day celebrations:

The night before Mother's Day by Natasha Wing

We love our mom! by Jan & Mike Berenstain

Fancy Nancy's marvelous Mother's Day brunch

Other books about Mother's Day

Spring Chickens

April 2013

Funny Chickens

Learn more about these interesting birds at the library. Here are some great stories:

The Trouble with Chickens by Doreen Cronin

Interrupting Chicken by David Ezra Stein

The Secret Chicken Society by Judy Cox

Prairie Evers by Ellen Airgood

Spring Brings Change

April 2013


In the United States and Canada, more than 750 species of butterflies and 11,000 species of moths have been recorded. Check out these great books about butterflies and moths.

Waiting for Wings by Lois Ehlert

Don't Worry Bear by Greg Foley

Monarch and Milkweed by Helen Frost

Velma Gratch & the Way Cool Butterfly by Alan Madison

Laugh it Up!

March 2013

Kid Laughing

Tickle your funny bone, tease your brain and solve some puzzles this month at the library.

- Riddles and brain teasers

- Knock-knock jokes

- Puzzles

Up, Up and Away!

March 2013

Rockets Cartoon

Ever wonder what it takes to leave the Earth? Learn all about rockets this month at the library.

- Books about Rockets

- Build a Rocket Model

- Films about Rockets

Healthy Teeth Month

February 2013

Health Teeth Month

February is National Healthy Teeth Month. Learn more about caring for your teeth or read funny stories about teeth.

- Books about taking care of your teeth

- Throw your tooth on the roof by Selby B. Beeler

- Tooth Fairy stories

- Activity sheets from the American Dental Association

Valentine's Day

February 2013

Handmade valentine from son to mom

Curl up with someone you care about and read these books or watch these movies about Valentine's Day. Try making your own Valentine crafts and desserts!

- Books about Valentine's Day

- Films about Valentine's Day

- Valentine Cooking and Crafts

Become a Super Sleuth!

January 2013

Girl with magnfying glass

Do you enjoy chasing clues and solving mysteries? Check out these great detective series at the library!

- Agent Amelia

- Encyclopedia Brown

- Nancy Drew

- The Hardy Boys

- Sherlock Holmes

Take a Ride on the Subway!

January 2013

Heroes and Legends

December 2012

Heroes and Legends Egypt

Who doesn't love a good story about heroes and their many adventures? There are great stories from many different places. Check out what the library has:

- Greek Mythologies

- Roman Mythologies

- Egyptian Mythologies  

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