New Arrivals

New Children's

cover imageHeras, Theo, author.
cover imageYellowhorn, Eldon, 1956- author.
cover imageLewis, J. Patrick, author.
cover imageNewman, Patricia, 1958- author.


New Teen Books

cover imageGay, Kathlyn, author.
cover imageTakaya, Natsuki, 1973- author, artist.
cover imageTakaya, Natsuki, 1973- author, artist.
cover imageAbramovitz, Melissa, 1954- author.


New Graphic Novels

cover imageTobin, Paul, 1965- author.
cover imageTobin, Paul, 1965- author.
cover imageMarsden, Mariah, adapter.
cover imageNichols, Travis, author, illustrator.


New Mystery

cover imageBonner, Hilary, author.
cover imageWiken, Linda, author.
cover imageBuzzelli, Elizabeth Kane, 1946- author.
cover imageRyan, Sofie, 1958- author.


New Romance

cover imageJackson, Brenda (Brenda Streater), author.
cover imageKertz, Rebecca, author.
cover imageLevy, Marc, 1961- author.

New Audiobooks

cover imageRoberts, Nora, author.

Year one
cover imageJames, P. D., author.

Sleep no more :
cover imageCameron, Marc, author.

Tom Clancy power and empire
cover imageEllsworth, John, author.

Michael Gresham

New Cooking

cover imageGoode, J. J., author.
cover imageRoman, Alison, author.
cover imageCenteno, Josef, author.
cover imagePage, Karen, author.


New Non-Fiction

cover imageDent, Harry S., Jr., 1950- author.
cover imageMeyers, Mike, 1961- author.
cover imageLamb, Becky, author.
cover imageHeimowitz, Colette, author.


New Science & Technology

cover imageMiles, Kathryn, 1974-
cover imageMeyers, Mike, 1961- author.
cover imageOseid, Kelsey.
cover imageJenkins, Steve, 1952-


New Sports

cover imageDean, Will, author.
cover imageForsthoefel, Andrew, author.
cover imageHemingway, Ernest, 1899-1961, author.
cover imageMcCallum, Jack, 1949- author.


New Religious Fiction

cover imageHarris, Lisa, 1969- author.
cover imageHatcher, Robin Lee, author.
cover imagePettrey, Dani, author.
cover imageScott, Laura, 1961- author.


New Gardening

cover imageTornio, Stacy, author.
cover imageBuck, Leslie, 1965- author.
cover imageWarnock, Caleb (Caleb J.), 1973- author.
cover imageNex, Sally, author.


Titles donated by G. B. Stuart Charitable Foundation

cover imageSmith, Wilbur A., author.
cover imagePerry, Anne, author.
cover imageDailey, Janet, author.
cover imageCornwell, Patricia Daniels, author.


New Fantasy

cover imageStuart, Alasdair, author.
cover imagePerkins, Christopher, 1968- lead designer.
cover imageBulmahn, Jason, designer.
cover imageKenson, Stephen, author.


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New Horror

cover imagePriest, Cherie, author.
cover imageReed, Kit, author.
cover imageJohnson, Jeremy Robert, 1977- author.
cover imageCantero, Edgar, 1981- author.


New Science Fiction

cover imageOlder, Malka, 1977-
cover imageLostetter, Marina J., author.
cover imageCorey, James S. A., author.
cover imageClines, Peter, 1969- author.