New Arrivals

New Children's

Buck a Book Kids of Carlisle Area School District.
cover imageYomtov, Nelson, author
cover imageWatters, Shannon, author, creator.
cover imageMiller, D. L. (David Lee), 1965- author, illustrator.


New Teen Books

cover imageYolen, Jane, author.
cover imageCharbonneau, Joelle, author.
cover imageBlumenthal, Karen, author.
cover imageWatters, Shannon, author, creator.


New Graphic Novels

cover imageFontana, Shea, author.
cover imageYee, Wong Herbert, author, illustrator.
cover imageMolver, Luke W., author, illustrator.
cover imageHigashimura, Akiko, author.


New Mystery

cover imageBrown, Rita Mae, author.
cover imageElliot, Kendra, author.
cover imageDavis, Susan Page, author.
cover imageDavis, Krista, author.


New Romance

cover imageJackson, Brenda (Brenda Streater), author.
cover imageLeigh, Lora, author.
cover imageNovak, Brenda, author.

New Audiobooks

cover imageGordon, Alexia, author.

Death in D minor
cover imageGordon, Alexia, author.

Murder in G major
cover imagePerry, Karen, 1974- author.

Girl unknown :
cover imageKallentoft, Mons, 1968- author.

Zack :

New Cooking

cover imageSlajerova, Martina, author.
cover imageEmberling, Amy, author.
cover imageBrunstetter, Wanda E., author.
cover imageRea, Andrew, author.


New Non-Fiction

cover imageWild, Cathy, author.
cover imageWilfong, Cheryl, author.
cover imageGregory, Ted, author.
cover imageMcManus, Carol, author.


New Science & Technology

cover imageDuffy, Karen, 1961- author.
cover imagePrice, Catherine, 1978- author.
cover imageThomas, C. D., author.
cover imageKang, Lydia, author.


New Sports

cover imageContz, Bill, 1961- author.
cover imageHeavey, Bill, author.
cover imageBerger, Karen, 1959- author.
cover imageKarczynski, Dave, 1980- author.


New Religious Fiction

cover imageHoff, B. J., 1940- author.
cover imageFisher, Suzanne Woods, author.
cover imageDavis, Susan Page, author.
cover imageHarrel, Lindsay, author.


New Gardening

cover imageLangton, Caro, author.
cover imageBuck, Leslie, 1965- author.
cover imageCarey, Jenny Rose, author.
cover imageBrown, George E. (George Ernest), 1917-1980, author.


Titles donated by G. B. Stuart Charitable Foundation

cover imageSmith, Wilbur A., author.
cover imagePerry, Anne, author.
cover imageDailey, Janet, author.
cover imageCornwell, Patricia Daniels, author.


New Fantasy

cover imageBecker, T. M., author.
cover imageConnolly, MarcyKate, author.
cover imageWyk, C. V. (Christine Isabel Van), author.
cover imageShowalter, Gena, author.


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New Horror

cover imagePriest, Cherie, author.
cover imageMalerman, Josh, author.
cover imageKing, Stephen, 1947- author.
cover imageReed, Kit, author.


New Science Fiction

cover imageRollins, Prentis, author.
cover imageHarkaway, Nick, 1972- author.
cover imageFry, Jason, 1969- author.
cover imageKessel, John, author.