Tax Information at Bosler Memorial Library

Have you filed your taxes yet? Don’t know where to start? Bosler Memorial Library wants to take some of the stress out of tax preparation!








Paper copies of most commonly used IRS forms such as the 1040, 1040A and 1040EZ, as well as PA Department of Revenue (PA-40) forms and their instruction booklets, are available on the second floor of the library. The PA Rent Rebate Form and Instruction Booklet is also available. For less common federal forms and schedules, as well as the Cumberland County Tax Form and Instruction Booklet, the Information Services Desk has a book of reproducible forms, which can be photocopied at $0.15 per page.


Tax forms may also be downloaded from government websites, either to be printed (available at $0.25 per page) or to be filled in and submitted electroncially. If you choose to file online at the library, keep in mind that it might take longer than the one hour time limit normally allowed on our machines. Please be sure to bring all documentation with you, and to save your work frequently to make sure you do not lose it. Forms and instruction may be found at the following sites:


Additionally, low-to-moderate wage earners may be eligible for assistance in filing tax returns at a number of county locations. Download our Tax Assistance in Cumberland County brochure for more information.



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March 15, 2014

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