Exhibits at Bosler

Art Exhibit at BoslerThe Honorable George E. Hoffer Art Gallery & Atrium

The Carlisle Arts Learning Center exhibits artwork created by their members in the gallery adjacent to the main entrance of Bosler Library. The art is changed every other month and is available for purchase by the public. The artist's name, title of work and price are listed for each piece of art.







The current exhibit is "Machines" with a spotlight on Linda Benzon, "Beyond Color," Black & White Photographs, running from March 13 to May 8, 2018.


Backyard Starburst by Linda Benzon

Backyard Starburst

Linda Benzon

(digital photograph)

Seed Catcher by Linda Benzon

Seed Catcher

Linda Benzon

(digital photograph)


Triple Expansion Steam Engine by A. Pierce Bounds

Triple Expansion Steam Engine

A. Pierce Bounds

(silver print)

The Cogs at Knobel's by Anne Cherry

The Cogs at Knobel's

Anne Cherry



Rotation by Leon Yost


Leon Yost

(airbrush on paper)

5 O'Clock World by Shelby Pizzarro

5 O'Clock World

Shelby Pizzarro



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March 19, 2018

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